Burton Car Wash & Detailing Services

873 Putney Road

Wash Cards - 5 per card

Save when you buy a card
Redeem only at the access teller

  Reg. Sale
5 Deluxe Washes $45.00 $39.00
5 Premium Washes $60.00 $54.00
5 Ultimate Washes $70.00 $63.00

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Dollar Value Wash Cards

Redeem at the access teller

$25 Wash Card
$50 Wash Card

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50 Wash Contract - 873 Putney Road

50 Wash Card - 873 Putney Road

Good for 50 Washes! BEST BUY!
Cash-free car washing - Pay once for 50 washes of your choice and enjoy the convenience of frequent washing by simply entering a code which you will receive by mail or email. Washes can be used for any and all of your family vehicles.

  Retail Sale
Deluxe $400.00 $340.00
Premium Wash $600.00 $450.00
Ultimate Wash $700.00 $525.00


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Easy Access Wash Pass

w/ monthly auto - pay $45 per month per vehicle

A tag is placed on the windshield and is read by the RFID reader.

The perfect way to keep your vehicle clean and sparkly all the time.

This service can be arranged with a staff member at the wash.